Do you know website PHP ?

WebSite- PHP is a modern framework that incorporates many features such as Ajax ( easy use ), a multi- language solution , the management of user rights , caching of pages , URL rewriting , creating web service and RSA encryption. But also a whole series of basic object with many properties that make it easy to designer its web page (button , text box , combo box , map, ... ) .

The URL rewriting

The URL rewriting is complex and by far one of the most important for a website. Its objective is multiple: to improve the SEO of your site, protect your technology, simplify navigation of your users, enable the development of your website, manage referrals ... to name a few.

What is URL rewriting?

The URL rewriting is as we have briefly discussed above a fundamental element of your site. Some clarification.

This very special technique allows to rewrite URLs. In practical terms what this means? You have probably seen on your web browsing so-called dynamic pages. They are often in "php" and sometimes have many parameters that are found after the "? ". This is called a dynamic URL. Depending on the settings that are placed in the dynamic URL, you can display what you want, just by changing the numbers!

This is extremely convenient because a single page can generate thousands.

Unfortunately, this is not the joy of of the robots of indexation as Googlebot that reference your site. He, retains only pages having until two parameters in the URL. And therefore your page above will simply be ignored. This is a real problem!

The URL rewriting is there to correct everything. With it, we, with a php developer, will re-create a cleaner URL and indexable by robots. So that your URL will contain more parameters and that it ends in ".html"! And take one piece as if it were a traditional page that was in a lambda folder.

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